Battle your way through a dangerous world filled with assassins and monsters. Enter Honorbreak Esports competitions to win real cash rewards.

A new thrilling experience

Minecraft Combat Reimagined

Honorbreak players will be able to fight dozens of warriors simultaneously in expansive Free For All arenas. Hunt down and defeat top players for extra rewards and use unique abilities to finish the kill.

Defeat hostile mob invasions in PVE arenas to obtain rare gear and points used to purchase unique abilities.

Image by Meghan Hetrick

Honorbreak Esports Competitions

Enter seasonal Esports Leaderboards for a chance to win real cash prizes.

The top 5 placements in the Esports Leaderboard will win proportionate payouts from the prize pool.


What is Honorbreak?

Honorbreak is an innovative Minecraft server focusing on PvP and PvE gamemodes. Players will be able to fight each other in Free For All arenas or defeat hostile mob invasions in PvE arenas.

Players must track, hunt down, and defeat their targets in expansive arenas to gain Honor points and rank up in the server leaderboards. Top players at the end of each month/season will be awarded prizes.

What are the unique abilities?

Abilities are able to be purchased using points gained in arena gameplay.

The list of abilities will be revealed later in development but consists of unique effects able to give a player an extreme advantage during combat.

How can I play Honorbreak?

Honorbreak is currently not released. Please refer to the countdown above to track the release date.

Honorbreak will be released on Minecraft Java 1.19.3

Can I use clients?

Honorbreak players are allowed to use custom Minecraft clients as long as they don’t contain any active hacks or cheats.

Players found hacking will be permanently banned.

What is Honorbreak Esports?

Honorbreak players may choose to enter the Esports Leaderboard for a small fee. After transaction fees and tournament fees, around 50% of the entrance fee will be put toward the prize pool.

The Esports Leaderboard will begin at the start of every month, coinciding with Honorbreak Seasons.

Honorbreak gameplay does not change if a player has entered. Their points will simply be counted on the Esports Leaderboard and they will be eligible for winnings.

We are working to one day partner with sponsors to cover entrance fees for the prize pool so players do not have to pay to enter.

Please contact us for more information and sponsorship opportunities.